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IMPORTANT: Please email us the details after you make a payment (bitcoin amount, date and the order ID). We have to match payments manually, failure to do so will result in no shipment until you contact us.

We now use Bitcoins to accept payment which protect both the buyers and sellers identity. If you are not sure how it works, please read below for a detailed guide

1. Quick Overview

Bitcoins are a digital currency. Basically they can only be used online and you have to convert your money into bitcoins (like converting into another currency when you travel overseas). There are many ways to do this and I will cover a couple of options below. Importantly the bitcoin currency fluctuates like any other currency but don't worry, near enough is good enough for payments (see the FAQ at the bottom for more info).

We recommend Local Bitcoins as Coinspot has been taking over a week for bitcoin payments to be completed. Local Bitcoins usually takes less then an hour to be converted.


lbitLocal Bitcoins is an ebay type site for bitcoin sellers. It will list a number of sellers who will sell you bitcoins at varying prices and with numerous types of payment options. It is by far the fastest way to buy bitcoins and is pretty straight forward. For a detailed guide on how to use them please see our Local Bitcoin payment guide.


csCoinspot is an Australian company that sell bitcoins. They require payment via direct deposit into a westpac branch but have excellent prices for bitcoins. For a detailed guide on how to use them please see our Coinspot payment guide.


I bought $400 worth of bitcoins but its not enough bitcoins for my order?
Please do not convert your order total into bitcoins, but buy the requested amount of bitcoins given to you at checkout. WE WILL NO LONGER accept anything below your bitcoin order total we have been losing up to several hundred dollars an order which has become unsustainable. Please do not send any bitcoins until you have the full amount.

My bitcoin value is now less then the order total because of fluctuations?
Just send through what you have, we will still accept the payment and send out your order.

I would like more options then Coinspot, and Local Bitcoins what do you recommend?
If you want to pay via credit card (you will need a camera on your computer, a passport and your credit card on hand) you can use However they have a $500 cap on credit card payments.

How do I get a wallet?

You get a wallet at both Coinspot and Local Bitcoin, but if you are looking for more protection or a third party wallet we recommend which is a free bitcoin wallet service. Simply select "wallet" in the top menu and then select the "start a new wallet" button. Follow the prompts to sign up and record your passwords somewhere safe as you can not recover them any other way.

Once logged in you need to record your wallet address, which is the information you give to people so they can send you bitcoins (see below).


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